Only homestead properties qualify for the Homestead Credit Refund. Your homestead is your primary, legal residence. A person can have only one homestead, as homestead property is taxed at a lower rate than non-homestead property.

There are two property tax refund programs for Minnesota homeowners:

  • The regular Homeowner’s Homestead Credit Refund is based on your household income and the property taxes paid on your principal place of residence.
  • The special Homeowner’s Homestead Credit Refund is based on the increase of your property tax over the previous year.

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You may qualify for either, or both of these refunds, depending on your income and the size of your property tax bill. The following information will help you to see if you qualify and, if so, how to claim your refund. For more information, see the Minnesota Revenue’s Eligibility Requirements for the Homestead Credit Refund (for Homeowners) and Renter’s Property Tax Refund.