Civil Commitments

The Mille Lacs County Attorney’s Office represents Mille Lacs County Community and Veterans Services (MLCCVS) in matters under the Civil Commitment and Treatment Act involving residents of Mille Lacs County.

Types of Commitments

The most common types of commitment proceedings are:

  • Mentally Ill (MI) - persons who are mentally ill and, as a result, pose a danger to themselves or others.
  • Chemically Dependent (CD) - persons who are chemically dependent, unable to manage their personal affairs, and pose a danger to themselves or others. 
    • Women who are pregnant and consistently abusing chemicals, including alcohol, are included in this category.

Other types of civil commitments include:

  • Developmentally Delayed
  • Mentally Ill and Dangerous
  • Sexually Dangerous Persons
  • Sexually Psychopathic Personalities

In all types of commitment proceedings, the responding party poses a risk to themselves or others.