1. Vital Records Move to Auditor-Treasurer's Office

    Vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, marriage certificates, and military discharge documents are now available on the main level of the Historic Courthouse in the Auditor-Treasurer's Office. Read on...
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The Auditor-Treasurer is designated by the Secretary of State as Registrar of Voters, and chief custodian of official voter registration and election records. 

Duties & Responsibilities

The Auditor-Treasurer is responsible for conducting the primary and general elections during the even-numbered years, as well as any special county-wide elections. The Auditor-Treasurer is responsible for training election judges and officials, printing ballots, acting as filing officer for county races, distributing absentee ballots to those who will be unable to vote on Election Day, and tabulating the election results from the 25 precincts in the county. 

Canvass Board

The Auditor-Treasurer is also a member of the Canvass Board. The Canvass Board meets shortly after the election to review for accuracy the results of the election and to declare a winner.