Construction Permits & Addressing

In order to build in Mille Lacs County, residents are required to obtain certificates of use and building and septic permits. Find applications and instructions for obtaining the needed approvals.

Building Permits

Mille Lacs County enforces the State Building Code. All construction must meet minimum construction requirements. Some construction activities are exempt from the inspection requirements of the State Building Code.

Inspections to ensure construction meets the State Building Code requirements are performed by Mid-MN Inspections. Please email Mid-MN Inspections or call 763-482-0446 for additional information regarding minimum code and application requirements.

Certificates to Build

Land Services evaluates applications for Certificate to Build for structure setbacks to property lines, to the centerline of the traveled road, and to septic systems. In addition, they are evaluated for impacts to wetland, shoreland, or flood plain areas.


For well information, search the Minnesota Department of Health’s Well Index.

Building in Certain Jurisdictions

If residents or others desire to build within certain jurisdictions, they need to contact those jurisdictions for the appropriate permits. This includes:

  • Townships:
    • Greenbush Township
    • Princeton Township
  • Cities:
    • Foreston
    • Isle
    • Milaca
    • Princeton
    • Wahkon