Document Recording & Research

Documents relating to real property can be recorded and retrieved in the Recorder's Office. Commonly recorded documents include:

  • Contracts for deeds
  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Satisfactions of mortgages

For property owners needing a copy of a deed or current mortgage, Email County Recorder's office. The deed or mortgage will be e-mailed at no charge.

The Recorder's Office does not provide abstracting services or satisfy multiple document requests for attorneys, title examiners, or title companies. You may contract with one of Mille Lacs County's Landshark subscribers for that service.

Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV)

Buyers of real property must file a CRV in the county where the property is located, if the sale price or other consideration is more than $3,000. You do not have to file a CRV if the price is $3,000 or less (Minnesota Statute 287.21 Subdivision 16). CRVs must be filed electronically via the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

If you do not have Internet access, a public terminal is available at the Historic Courthouse for your use.


An abstract is a history of all of the transactions that have occurred that affect a particular parcel of land; it typically starts with the original Land Patent that would have been issued in the mid-1850s. 

If you desire to have an Abstract of your property, please contact a local title company to assist you. The Land Services Office does not prepare Abstracts.

Torrens or Registered Property

If you are filing documents for Torrens or Registered property, your documents may need review and approval by the Torrens Examiner based on statutory requirements.

To determine if your transaction requires review, please contact David J Meyers of Rinke Noonan, the appointed Torrens Examiner for Mille Lacs County.

Land Shark

For abstractors, title examiners, or similar professionals, the county offers online document access through Land Shark. The fees for accessing Land Shark are:

Annual Registration$50
0 to 100 Images$25 per month
101 to 300 Images$50 per month
Unlimited Images$100 per month

To register for Land Shark, please download and complete the User Agreement (PDF).

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

UCC documents must be filed online with the Minnesota Secretary of State. Searches for UCCs can be conducted online.