Contacting Inmates

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The Mille Lacs County Jail utilizes Securus Technologies as the primary source for inmate communication. Newly admitted inmates will be allowed a local or collect long-distance phone call to a family member or significant other during the admission process.  All subsequent non-professional calls are fee based.


What you need to know;


Inmates may make collect calls or may purchase phone time through the Canteen. 


All calls from the Correctional Facility will be preceded by a recorded message containing details on how to accept or decline a message.  You will not be connected to an inmate until you have taken a positive action to accept the call.


Inmates should be aware that all non-attorney calls will be recorded and that local collect calls are much more expensive than direct-dial calls


Any calls made to their lawyer are free. 


3-way calls and toll-free calls cannot be made from housing unit phones.


To afford all inmates an equal opportunity for telephone usage, all telephone calls are limited to 20 minutes per call.


Incoming telephone calls cannot be forwarded to housing units and only those messages that are a verifiable emergency or from legal counsel will be forwarded to inmates.


Inmate damage to telephones or telephone devices may result in loss of telephone or device privileges, disciplinary action and/or criminal charges.


Securus offers a wide variety of funding options for inmate phone calls. To add money to an inmates account visit Securus Technologies Phone Products at: 


Questions about billing or connectivity issues should be addressed to Securus Technologies.