Court Security

Responsibilities & Services

The Court Security Division of the Sheriff's Office consists of 5 full-time sworn deputies and 3 part-time sworn deputies. The Court Security Division is responsible for enforcing court decorum, and ensuring the safety of all person in court and in the Justice Center building. The Court Security Division ensures that no contraband or cellular telephones enter the building which may compromise safety and disrupt court proceedings.

Services provided:

  • Armed security
  • Armed transport of defendants to and from the Jail facilities
  • Enforce court room decorum
  • Maintain order in the court during proceedings
  • Protect victims, defendants and the public
  • Provide protection to everyone that enters the courts facility

Four Courtrooms

The Justice Center has a total of four courtrooms, one on the main floor and three on the second floor. Also in the building is the Court Administrator's Office, the County Attorney's Office and the County Probation Office.

Court Security Division

The Court Security Division provides not only for the safety and security of the building and its visitors, but is also there to assist the general public with help in finding the appropriate department.

Reminders about Courtroom Security

As a reminder to all those who need to come to the Justice Center, please remember that no firearms or weapons such as pocket knives or pocket tools are allowed in the building.

Cellular telephones are not allowed in the Justice Center. Thank you.