Internet Speed Survey

Mille Lacs County is asking residents and businesses who do not receive their promised internet speeds to share this information with Minnesota's Office of Broadband Development. Providing the state with accurate data about the quality of internet access in Mille Lacs County will assist in our efforts to improve broadband access and quality.

Residents and businesses concerned about their internet speeds are asked to visit while using a wired connection to the internet. This website will provide you with easy-to-follow directions on how to run an internet speed test. The test data will be automatically sent to the state's Office of Broadband Development. 

If your internet speed tests on a wired connection are less than what your provider has promised you, you can provide your home or business address in the table below. Addresses provided below will be sent to the Office of Broadband Development for potential further investigation and study.

Submit your address to the Mille Lacs County Internet Speed Survey.