Victim Rights

Minn. Stat. §611A.06

Under Minnesota law, a crime victim is defined as a person who incurs loss or harm as a result of a crime. A victim includes the family member, guardian, or custodian of a minor, incompetent, incapacitated, or deceased person. As the victim of a crime, you have specific rights. For more information on these rights, contact the Mille Lacs County Victim Assistance Coordinator assigned to your case or view the Office for Justice Program's Crime Victim's Rights website

RIGHT to be notified of:

  • Your rights as a crime victim
  • Plea agreements
  • Changes in court schedules when possible
  • The final disposition of criminal cases
  • Transfer of the offender to a different detention facility
  • The offender's release 
  • Escape and apprehension of the offender when possible

RIGHT to participate in the prosecution by: 

  • Informing the court of the impact of the crime at the sentencing hearing with a Victim Impact Statement
  • Objecting to a plea agreement
  • Requesting a speedy trial
  • Bringing a supportive person to court with you
  • Attending court hearings including sentencing
  • Providing written objections to the sentence

RIGHT to protection:

  • From witness tampering
  • From the release of private data
  • With secure waiting areas during court
  • From retaliation of employers if called to testify

RIGHT to apply for financial assistance: 

  • By requesting restitution through the court
  • By requesting reparations from the Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board 
  • Additional Relief for Victims