County Surveyor


The Mille Lacs County Surveyor is responsible for restoring and maintaining the corners of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS).

Reliable and accurate PLSS corner data is of significant importance because land parcels throughout Mille Lacs County are described with reference to these foundational corners, they are particularly important to:

  • Attorneys
  • Land Owners
  • Surveyors
  • Title examiners
  • Others
County Surveyor Warren Delles
  1. Warren Delles

    County Surveyor

Corner Restoration Process

As a derivative of restoring and maintaining the PLSS corners, a section data sheet has been prepared for each section with the completed PLSS data.

Recorded Information

Recorded information regarding PLSS corners, referred to as ‘Certificates of Location of Government Corners’, are available via email by emailing Request Certificate of Location of Government Corner. Please identify the requested Certificate of Location of Government Corner and/or Section data sheet in your email request.

Section Corner Map

The Section Corner Map (PDF) provides the locations of 'Certificates of Location of Government Corners' that are available and their recorded document numbers.


The Mille Lacs County Surveyor reviews Subdivision Plats, Registered Land Surveys, and Common Interest Communities for compliance with statutory requirements and local ordinances. Parcel line adjustments and parcel splits by Exemption Certificate are also reviewed by the County Surveyor.

Mille Lacs County Highway Right-of-Way Plats are prepared by the County Surveyor in cooperation with other Public Works department staff. The County Surveyor provides other county offices with survey-related assistance and support, as needed.

Local Private Surveyors

Please note that the County Surveyor does not provide private survey services. Please contact a local private surveyor for surveying needs.

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