Septic System Compliance & Permitting

As of June 1st, 2022, all Zoning and Land Use permits can be applied for exclusively online. Visit the Mille Lacs County permitting website to apply for your permit today.

For properties without a connection to municipal sewage treatment systems, Minnesota Administrative Rule Chapters 7080 through 7083 and the Mille Lacs County Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Ordinance (PDF) require waste water and sewage to be treated by a Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS).

For compliance inspection or existing system information please email our SSTS staff or call 320-983-8458.

SSTS must be designed and installed by licensed SSTS installers and designers certified by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

Permit Requirements

Permits, issued by Mille Lacs County Environmental Resources, are required for the following:

  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Modification
  • Operation
  • Replacement

Greenbush Township administers their own SSTS program. Residents in Greenbush township seeking SSTS information need to contact the Township.

Compliance Inspections

Mille Lacs County requires that SSTS be inspected when one of the following occurs:

  • For all new construction in the shoreland or wild and scenic river district
  • Prior to issuance of a permit or variance to add a bedroom to a structure
  • Prior to the sale or transfer of property

Contractor Search

Installations, designs, and compliance inspections are completed by licensed individuals certified by the MPCA. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency maintains of a list of all certified individuals; a list of local SSTS contractors is also available:

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