How do I apply?

Green Acres applications must be filed with, and approved by, the County Assessor. Proper documentation to verify agricultural use must be submitted with the application. Download an application (PDF) and addendum form (PDF) or pick-up copies at the County Assessor’s Office The application must be filed by May 1 in order to receive consideration for the next year's payable tax.

The Assessor may also require:

  • An aerial photo provided by the Farm Service Agency
  • An agricultural use verification form
  • A copy of the appropriate schedule or form showing farm income has been included in the most recently filed federal income tax return of the applicant
  • Proof by affidavit or otherwise that the property meets all requirements for qualification

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the County Assessor's Office at 320-983-8311 or 888-280-8311.

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1. What is the Green Acres program?
2. Why do some counties administer the Green Acres Program?
3. Who qualifies for the Green Acres Program?
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5. How does the Green Acres Program work?
6. What is the agricultural value of a property?
7. Can special local assessments be deferred under the program?
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9. What if a property loses its eligibility prior to the expiration of the three-year period?
10. If a property has deferred special local assessments and loses its Green Acres eligibility, when does the deferment become due?
11. Are deferred taxes and special assessments considered a lien on the property?
12. What if only part of the property is sold or ceases to be used for agricultural purposes?
13. Does the tax deferment continue if the property is sold and used for agricultural purposes?
14. What if the property no longer qualifies for Green Acres because it loses its agricultural classification?
15. How do I qualify?
16. How do I apply?