If I call 911, what will they ask me?
  • If they ask you what the location of the emergency is (this the address where the emergency is actually happening) If you don't know the address tell the dispatcher and then:
    • Give the cross streets or a hundred block
    • If you are calling from inside a home or business, look at a piece of mail.
    • Look at the house numbers in the area
    • Provide landmarks, business names, or parks near the emergency
  • If you are asked to describe a suspect, start with the most obvious things:
    • Does he/she have a gun or other weapon?
    • What is the gender and race?
    • Also, if the suspect just left (such as a theft suspect), we need to know which way the suspect went and a description of how he looked. Examples might be:
      • He had a long beard
      • He/she was at least 6 feet tall
      • He/she was wearing a red jacket
  • If you are describing a vehicle, please include:
    • Color
    • Make (Was it a Honda? Ford? Dodge?)
    • License Plate information, including the state
    • Body Style (4-Door, Hatchback, Pick-up Truck)
    • Year ( if unknown, tell the dispatcher if it was a new or old vehicle)
    • Other things you may remember about it (Window Decals, Dents)
  • What Is the phone number you are calling from?
    • This is the number to the phone you are actually calling from. We need this in case we have to call you back.
  • What is the problem?
    • Tell us exactly what happened. Be as accurate as possible. Tell us what the problem is now, not what led up to the problem.
      • I am fighting with my husband/wife
      • I see a fight at the Dairy Queen in Milaca
      • There is a 2 vehicle accident at Highway 23 and Highway 169
  • We also need to know if you're going to be at, or near the scene when units arrive because law enforcement may need to talk to you, or you may need to point out the exact location. We may ask you what kind of car you are in, or what color clothing you are wearing.

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