Which Assessor assesses my property?

ANDY CREGO (320) 982-0492: Bogus Brook Township Bradbury Township Dailey Township Greenbush Township Lewis Township Milaca Township Milo Township Mudgett Township Page Township

DAVID VIGDAL (320) 292-9711: Borgholm Township City of Milaca City or Onamia City of Princeton Commercial Properties Countywide

LISA OLSON (320) 362-0287: East Side Township Hayland Township Kathio Township South Harbor Township Apartments Countywide

NICKY STRAIN-FILLION (320) 982-0490: Isle Harbor Township Onamia Township Princeton Township City of Bock City of Foreston City of Isle City of Pease City of Wahkon Mobile Homes Countywide

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1. Why does the Assessor's Office exist?
2. Who determines my property tax?
3. What factors affect my property taxes?
4. Why has my property value changed?
5. Does a change in market value mean that my taxes will change?
6. How does the Assessor determine the estimated market value?
7. Are there any limits as to how much the estimated market value of my property can change in one year?
8. Does the estimated market value increase at the same rate on all properties?
9. Can the estimated market value change even if the appraiser has not been inside my property?
10. What will happen to my value if I improve my property?
11. Will my value go up if I repair my property?
12. Which Assessor assesses my property?