What if I become delinquent on my property taxes?

Property taxes become classified as delinquent on January 1 the year after they were due (example: 2019 property taxes were not considered delinquent until January 1, 2020). Penalty does start to accrue on a monthly basis after the due dates though.  Interest accrues on a monthly basis after the taxes become delinquent.  

If taxes are still owed on February 15 the property is placed on the delinquent tax list which is filed with the court Administrator. A letter is also mailed to the property owner notifying them of this formal action and notification of impending newspaper publication.    

Delinquent taxes are published in the newspaper twice.  The first publication must occur on or before March 20th each year.  The second publication must occur at least two weeks after the first publication and any taxpayers who have paid their delinquent taxes in full since the first publication are removed from the list.  

If taxes are still owed on the second Monday in May, a formal judgment is taken against the properties and they are also bid in for the state for forfeiture.  In most cases, property owners then have three years to redeem the property.  

Properties can be redeemed by paying off all delinquent taxes or entering into a confession of judgment.  A confession of judgment is like a payment plan for the delinquent taxes.

More information about this process can be obtained by calling 320-983-8310. 

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