What's the process look like?

In general, the process is as follows:

  1. Employees complete Position Analysis Questionnaires (PAQs) for each Job Description (JD).
  2. The employees supervisor(s) and/or department head will review and submit the PAQs.
  3. ASO will rewrite JDs based on the feedback received in the PAQs.
  4. Redlined and revised JDs will be returned to employees/supervisors for review.
  5. JDs will be reviewed for classification purposes by the County's third-party consultant.
  6. ASO will complete a market study, utilizing exemplar positions to evaluate the County's alignment with the market.
  7. After analysis, a final report and recommendation will be drafted for consideration and implementation. The final report will identify and incorporate all recommended changes, in addition to options for implementation, for consideration by the County Board of Commissioners.

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