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Soo Line Trail

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Application for Soo Line Trail Sign Permit (PDF)

Soo Line Trail Rules and Safety Regulations (PDF)

Application for Soo Line Trail Short or Long Term Special Permit (PDF)

Other Link Soo Line Trail Map (PDF)
Mille Lacs County purchased the Soo Line Railway Company, an abandoned railroad right-of-way traveling through the cities of Onamia, Wahkon, and Isle on its way from Genola to Superior.

Trail Use & Maintenance

This former railroad right-of-way is now utilized as an all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile trail. Mille Lacs County regulates the use of the trail, and provides limited maintenance. The Mille Lacs Drift Skipper and Soo Line Trail Association provide for regular maintenance on the motorized and non-motorized segments of the trial, respectively.
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