As a parent, what can I do to prevent child abuse?
  • Help your children think about what they would do if something confusing or scary happened to them. Talk about different scenarios or play the “what if” game. This will help them identify ways to help themselves be safe and to think about the adults they can turn to for help in different places such as school, the park, the library, and church.
  • Practice disciplining your children in a calm, thoughtful way. Give yourself time to cool off rather than punishing in anger. Show your children ways that conflicts can be resolved with words rather than hitting or hurting.
  • Talk with your children every day and listen carefully to what they say about their lives. Be alert to changes in their behavior or emotions and talk calmly with them if you are concerned.
  • Teach your children that their bodies are their own and that they can say no to touches that feel bad or confusing. Talk with them about privacy to help them learn good boundaries and reassure them that it is okay to say no to things that violate their privacy - even if they are saying no to an adult.
  • Teach your children to tell you if they are approached, talked to or touched in a way that hurts, scares, or confuses them. Reassure them that you will not be angry with them, but want to help them stay safe.

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